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Hi cheers..anybody with real zeal and undeniable inclination towards movies are highly welcome to contribute for us..you are cordially and cinematically invited to share and scream your pain and ecstasy and never going to be resolved mysteries of our lives, of course through movies..

At the moment we are unable to reward your efforts monetarily but try to respect and reward your efforts in all possible ways..the writers are credited fully for their work and according to their own wish, their communication details (their own Blog or Site, Twitter, Facebook or whatever they prefer) will be given to increase their chance of getting more work and recognition..

So without Plagiarism you are welcome to write anything..anything..about movies of any genre from any country..whatever you feel you got something to say about any movie or movies..but of course make your criticism if any constructive and correcting and also avoid things related to personal lives of artists..

1. No Plagiarism.

2. Minimum word count is 550 (Five Hundred and Fifty). Maximum word count is writer’s wish.

3. No need to attach any images.

Write your article in MS-WORD and send it as attachment to the following mail id.

[ admin at the rate of cinemacatharsis dot com ]

Your article will be published as soon as possible after the submission. Also mention your exact ‘writer’ name while sending the article.

Hope all of us are benefited by our common passion- Cinema