The Fault in our stars

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Directed by Josh Boone, it is a young adult fiction of teenyboppers who are into their late seventeen and eighteen, fighting the coveted odds of longevity. The Story is expatiated by them, starts with an apprehensive tone but later turns congenial. The movie is exalted from the paperback “The Fault in our stars” penned by John Green. It outlines the story of two teenagers who get to meet each other in a support group- whose primitive adage is to instill life into depressed and despaired beings.  Both Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley), the narrator of the movie and her ideal boyfriend, Augustus Waters (AnselElgort) suffer from Cancer.  The former is more depressed with life, in contrast, the latter demands more from life.

Hazel Grace has been suffering from terminal cancer since she was thirteen, her life has been nothing more than a triangle as she has only three important spheres to her life- watching reality shows, doctors’ appointments, and eight pills a day- which according to her are nothing less than disgusting. A fourth side  gets added to her pathetic life ,which squares her life to be  the most fascinating one, when she gets to meet Augustus Waters suffering from Osteosarcoma – a type of cancer  that had led to the removal of one of his legs . Augustus, forced by his friend Isaac to attend support group sessions, is full of life and peeps into the thing called life through the positive side of the lens.

She is dazzled on seeing him the first time, calls him a hamartia but then goes for a ride with him, and thus their first meeting is a roller coaster convergence. Things which you are gratified by does not decamp your thoughts easily and the same happens with her. Augustus Waters is the antidepressant against the socially claimed “depression” of Hazel Grace. Finally ending up, popping into Augustus embellished alcove, there comes a new perspective to the story as the conversation and hobbies of each other lead to a converging point.

The movie, though appears or makes you feel imperceptible, has an obvious concept that makes you trust more in an eternal thing called love and forces you to ponder on the figmentation “Do Angels really exist ?” when you discern   the smile on Hazel’s face every time she meets Augustus or whenever a thought about him passes her mind.  He comes as that mechanic in her life, who repairs her depressions, thrusts hope, feels more demanding about her and finally helps her find the meaning of love, irrespective of the precedence in her life. This tale is for the ones who love being romantic, being philosophical and being true to life without adding any hash tags to it.

The movie clearly conveys that wishes or dreams have no circumferences. Hazel, fancier of Peter Van Houten work “An Imperial Affliction”- a book narrated by a cancer patient, recommends it to Augustus, who in turn hands her a book on bravery and heroism. Though there is no impact on the latter work, the former work, in fact the abrupt ending of the book creates paroxysm in Augustus as well. Unable to withstand such an ending they write a mail to the author’s secretary, who claims that the suspense cannot be revealed through social means since it may hamper the sequel if any. Instead, she asks them to drop by if any time they get to visit Amsterdam- where the author is residing currently. So, will the financial condition of her already afflicted parents or her health condition be of any hindrance in fulfilling her dream? If no, will she be living the rest of her days regretting and if yes, how will she fulfill her dream and what else is in store to be offered by life?

“The only thing worse than biting it from any ailment is having a kid bite it from the ailment” says Hazel, which looks true without a doubt as you dive into the movie. The agony of the parents is very well exhibited and you can actually feel it when you look at Mr. and Mrs. Lancasters. The Sufferance between fulfilling a dream and the risk in attempting to fulfill one of the only dreams of their only daughter is discernible. Like all the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lancasters only believe in “Never give up” and “No love is superlative than mothers love” throughout the journey.

The movie at no point is deprived of sarcasm; the narration itself is so full of sarcasm and irony. You can search for the actual meaning of hope and despair of life when you go through the two hours movie. Humor will be at its epitome when Isaac finally decides to revenge his love. The movie has some of the most interesting backdrops such as the looks of Hazel and the way in which she actually starts loving herself more when she goes for a dinner date with Augustus. Peter Van Houten sequences and the after effects, the conversation on a bench between Hazel and Augustus.  “World is not a wish-granting factory” – these compel you to rewind and watch complete two hours and twelve minutes again. The Eulogy would, without a doubt, aggravate you.

You believe in Philosophy? You believe in Love? You believe in Hope? If yes is your answer to all the above questions, then ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is for you. Some lines in the movie would force you to redefine the meaning of life. “Pain demands to be felt” this one phrase actually tells the summary of the entire movie. Everything else looks slackening if you are accompanied by the true love which does not demand anything but gives you a hope to wake up the next morning.

Unlike what everyone wants it to be like, unlike what everyone hopes it should be like ,there is an ending, which for everyone ,at least I feel for almost all of them , that is really a thing hard to digest. The movie wants you to love your life for what it has given you rather than what it has deprived you of. Rather deep than wide you realize one single admirer is enough to acknowledge your life even without your consent.

Pallavi Khurana

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