The Boys (TV series 2019 – ) review

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Talking about the western cinema, they always provide their audiences with fascinating, interesting and thought-provoking premises followed by their brilliant storytelling and impeccable visualization and “The Boys” is the recent addition to it. What makes “The Boys” so special and unique is its premise based on the Comic Book it gives the unorthodox concept for Superheroes. As since the inception of superheroes genre we’ve seen and we’ve been told that Superheroes sole job is to protect humanity from antagonists which popularly includes Terrorist organizations or Aliens who have nothing but solitary agenda to destroy the world and in return they want nothing but peace and safety of this world.

Now that’s before the arrival of “The Boys” who gives the counter narration that what if the superheroes we admire, we love and we look forward to are being handled by the corporate and to clear it further let’s say that any state of USA shows the upward movement in crime figures, so this organization known as Vought will just approach the State’s mayor and offer them one of their employed Superhero to fight with crime against a heavy amount as their remuneration. Not only that they have their own Media, Brand and Business Development team to handle and promote their employed Superheroes and to cash them accordingly.

Things get more darker as series develops with whole superhero concept of saving humanity is being flushed down and showcases the idea what if Superheroes gets corrupted and their sole mission is to serve their employers rather their people and for that they can do whatever it takes even on the expense of peoples life. That’s only one aspect, series gets further darker but to avoid spoilers I’ll just stop here and leave that on you to further watch and experience it by you. Full marks to the creators of the show who has given the unpopular concept a new direction and people have already liked the show including positive reviews from the critiques.

Credit: Sony Pictures Television / Amazon Studios

Talking about the performances, the cast is not familiar at least to me except Simon Pegg, who have nothing but a cameo role. Leads are simply brilliant and to mention some of them is actually due in their credit so lets start with Karl Urban as Billy Buthcher he is BAdAss and Ruthless, Antony Starr as Homelander leading the superhero team he is just brilliant as unpredictable shady Superhero, Elizabeth Shue as leading corporate lady is very convincing with her looks and cunning nature, Jack Quaid as Hughie a young simple common guy is adorable and last but not the least Erin Moriarty as Annie aka “Starlight” a good Superhero and lovely to watch also she actually resembles with Selena Gomez so the whole series I’ve watched her as if she’s Selena Gomez also knowing that she’s not.

The series is comprised of 8 episodes with almost 1 hour of runtime each and is being streaming on Amazon Prime since 2019. You can binge it over the weekend and just to give the readers a heads-up the season 1 of the series has been ended on an interesting turn of events and Season 2 is due in the second half of 2020 which is September 2020 and has already been renewed for season 3 due to its popularity with the audience which I’m saying because as of today it has the IMDB rating of 8.7. So yes, just stream it online and enjoy.

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