Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story review

Credit: SonyLIV

Cinema is one of the most effective mediums that can engage and at the same time, make one understand the subject you’re unaware of or uninterested. Especially story that centers around a character study of real or fictional characters. One such example we have often seen it in the flashy and wealthy world of finance and the stock market, inspiring you to be a bit short and wolf of Wall Street of your own. Various stories are based on important real events in the market and many fictional stories for the story creators. The recently released Web series Scam 1992 on sonyLIV is about famous Harshad Mehta, popularly known as a “big bull.”

As the web series’s title suggests, the story is a deep study of Harshad Mehta. It captures his journey from living in a small house to owning a big mansion. From being an ordinary jobber at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to be the market’s Big bull. The story starts by showing a man with a desire like many of us and the smart work he does to establish himself; he falls and tries to rise. The story moves slowly and tells about everything Harshad goes through and its impact on the surrounding experiences. As the story progresses, we see the rise of a man who becomes from nobody to hero. With being on top, he invites the enemy on his way that wants to do everything to destroy him. Due to his desire to be at the top, Harshad Mehta starts to what might not be an ethical business way. The story is told in a fashion that would inspire you, but they have shown flaws and have not glorified the protagonist in any manner. The story brilliantly tells the rise and fall of the Harshad Mehta.

Many of us already know the famous 1992 scam. However, what this web series offer is the right element of the perfect drama and deep study on an individual that many are unaware of. The web series is inspired by the book “The Scam: Who Won, who Lost, who Got Away” by Debashis Basu & Sucheta Dalal. The show does not take the sideline; it delivers story and let viewers decide their take on. In the series, Sucheta Dalal working as a journalist at Times of India is portrayed perfectly and brilliantly captures her different take on big bull.

Speaking of the writing and direction of the series, the story is very well researched and executed; visible in the form of the real events, time frames, incidents, and people of that time. The series do not shy away from showing the name the people involved and also gives a hint of a claim of Harshad Mehta political connection and impact. Director Hansal Mehta is one of the finest filmmakers; he has brought all the nostalgic moments of the 90s and the reverences of it you can see in each episode with detail and its characters. The style of the series, like a documentary, yet has all the components of the right facts and drama. The elegance of story-writing does the wonders here really. Viewers can experience the convolution the series had fabricated not just for the protagonist, but the world around him.

Credit: SonyLIV

One of the entertaining aspect of the series is it’s story projection, even if one does not understand the stock market’s world  would catch the series with simplicity as creators smartly have used entertaining scenes to make viewers understand the stock-market jargon. The theme music of the series by Achint Thakkar is addictively best. The cinematography by Pratham Mehta is excellent and subtle. The editing by Sumit Purohit, Kunal Walve, is perfect which helps the story cohesiveness narrative throughout. Pratik Gandhi is a well-known Gujarati stage and film actor; in the role of Harshad Mehta, he gets under the skin of the way he walks and shows emotion to talking. Shreya Dhanwanthary as Sucheta is equally well along with the rest cast; they make this series a delight to watch.

The best part of Hansal Mehta directed web-series is the steady and gripping narrative; it does not fester as it shifts past from one pivotal substance to another. A consequential aim for is the various subplots are together virtuously unifying to the prime narrative. They are showcased in detail and do not turn out mundane or flat. The conversion of a rising hero to a self-indulgent trader, unaware of his accountability, is a censorious arc in the story. It is also skillfully narrated. Where viewers slowly understand the mistake and take out the heroic image. A Story shows everyone has inadequate in them, but the differentiation is adequately made.

Overall, Scam 1992 is an appalling character study that provides insights, drama and thrill in identical measures. It has an exceptional combination of brilliant directing, writing and acting. It’s something no one should be missing out on. You can check out this series now on SonyLIV.


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