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Credit: Clean Slate Films

So finally, we are in the era where OTT is the new game, it is not only changing and getting popular by providing its viewers a whole new home-based experience but if we see the other side it is giving confidence to the producers to take risk, giving free hand to its writers – directors to play creatively and more authentically as much as they can with minimum to practically no censorship along with the actors who deserve the characters as according to their capabilities and finally getting the praises and due credit they deserve and Pataal Lok (2020 Web Television Series) is its latest and genuine example.

It is one of the finest Thrillers I’ve seen, giving us the closer look to reality about the bitter and darker face of the society. The series portrays the Communal and cast system along with politics that media plays to form and to manipulate the perception of the society, and that too without being judgmental to these issues for which the credit goes to the writer and directors of the series including Hardik Mehta & Avinash Arun among others for which they truly deserve the round of applause.

Skipping about the series plot as you should watch it by yourself, I’ll directly jumps towards the performances. Each and every performance is hitting the right notch, casting has been done brilliantly providing the blend of seasoned acclaimed actors such as Vipin Sharma, Neeraj Kabi alongside Vikram Kapoor & Rajesh Sharma with their brief but valuable appearances, followed by young aspiring actors including Mairembam Ronaldo, Ishwak Singh with the standout performance by Abhishek Banerjee as Vishal “Hathoda” Tyagi, his presence will surely give you chills.

As I stated above and one of the reasons, I support the OTT platform is that actors getting the roles they deserve and for this particular series the Man of the Show is Jaideep Ahlawat the main lead of the series doing all the heavy lifting and doing it all effortlessly. Ahlawat as Hathiram Chaudhary an Inspector with a passion to solve the biggest case of his life to prove himself worthy not just as policeman but as Husband and as Father also. He was both comfortable and convincing in each and every scene for which again credit also goes to the writers because they didn’t impose anything, like the use of slang- Gaali’s were not forced but genuine.

Credit: Clean Slate Films

‘Pori Zindagi apne baap ki aankhon mei dekha aai ke mera beta Chutiya aai, ab apne bete ki aankhon mei nahi dekhna chahata ke uska baap chutiya aai’ (The whole life has seen in my father’s eyes that my son Chutia came, now he does not want to see in his son’s eyes that his father Chutia came)

This single dialogue by Hathiram Chaudhary is enough to describe his whole life.

The series also constantly connects the situation with the Hindu mythologies and what has been written in their scriptures as Paatal lok itself is taken from it yet again the writing is so lit that all the references are been delivered lightly as Hathiram after describing all the mythology saying,

‘Waise tou yeh sab Shastaron mei likha aai, Mager meine WhatsApp pe parha aai’ (Although it is written in all the scriptures, but I have on Whatsapp)

In the end I would also like to appreciate the producers, Clean Slate Films and Anushka Sharma for not ending the series open ended or incomplete for future seasons as we have seen now days it’s been a norm that if the series got hit makers do keep room for further stretching it into seasons, which is not the case with this series and it shouldn’t be with any of the other series where it is not required.

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