Dark: Season 3 review

Credit: Wiedemann & Berg Television / Netflix

Dark is a sci-fi TV Series of German production by creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese best known for the movie Who Am I (2014). Expectations were at an all-time high coming into the third and final season especially after last season’s cliffhanger finale. Questions remained to be answered, characters’ fates to be determined and mysteries to be untangled all leading up to the series conclusion.

Attention: Few Spoilers Ahead

From the very beginning we are introduced to three new characters: a child, a middle-aged man and an old man setting fire to a room. In the next scene, the narrative picks off from the end of last season, where Martha approaches Jonas while claiming to be from another world. Jonas’ travels with Martha quickly make him realize that he is now situated in a different timeline, one in which he was never born and thus doesn’t exist. The same exact events that kick-started the series in the first place also occur in this timeline with the disappearance of a boy from the city of Winden.

In this alternate world, however, Martha is the time traveler, or the “chosen one” as the series likes to use. Meanwhile, history repeats itself with a group of the townsfolk searching for their missing loved ones, while another group only cares about fulfilling their own selfish desires unaware of the grave dangers their actions might inflict upon the world and the people around them. However, Jonas’ goal in all of this remains unchanged; to put an end to destiny repeating itself once and for all.

Credit: Wiedemann & Berg Television / Netflix

What really makes this season of the series stand out is the atmosphere it achieves through its combination of the grayish, dense, creepy forest along with ambient drone music inspired, in the director’s words, by the 80’s pop culture. Stephen King also seems to have been a large influence in the creation of the show. The theme and premise which stayed unaltered throughout the entire show, that is, the correlation between time travel and the ability of an individual to change his fate if one such exists at all, also played a big part in the enjoyment of the series until the end. The series’ attempt to reach a satisfying conclusion after having woven so many different plot threads spanning a plethora of different timelines, while also incorporating an overabundance of characters into them had a promising start yet failed to deliver with the last two hours being a letdown.

With respect to technical capabilities, the series remains at the top of the game with amazing sound design and sound editing just like its previous seasons. Visually, the cinematography remained faithful to the show’s roots. Lighting, camera placement, camera movement and composition were all top notch proving once again the craftsmanship of the production. Despite the series falling a bit short at the end, I believe that not many series have incorporated sci-fi and supernatural elements into the story line of a mystery in such a fashion that prevents the plot from becoming a convoluted mess with no storytelling meaning whatsoever.

Vagelis Theocharidis

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