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One of the critical industries that dominate the Indian cinema is Bollywood, which not only has a more comprehensive range but gets wider fame. Pandemic has taught us a lot emotionally and artistically; it has changed our lifestyle and switched our entertainment sources. It has to make views accepting the new way of cinema and again searching for the story which they have not discover before; one of the industries far away from the noise of Bollywood is Moolywood (Malayalam Cinema), which is small in size but rich with talent, it has not only made his name for audience worldwide, but the creative boundary they push and the risk they take is amusing. One example is the recently released Malayalam film C U Soon (2020), which is made during the COVID-19.

The story begins with Jimmy Kurian’s (Roshan Mathew) phone as he casually swipes through profiles of girls on Tinder. He precipitously finds the match with Anu (Darshana Rajendran), they chat on hangout and do video calls on Google Duo. Everything happens in rapid tempo. Jimmy proposes to Anu on a video call and his mother learns about their relationship. She asks Jimmy’s Cousin Kevin Thomas (Fahadh Faasil), a cyber-security expert, to get more details about Anu. Although disagreeable with the thought of invading Anu’s privacy, Kevin finally accept his aunt’s request and after research certifies Anu as authentic. However, the story changes when Anu vanish mysteriously after living for a week with Jimmy, leaving upsetting video notes that make things worse and trouble knock the door for jimmy. Kevin, who is sitting in India, has now not only have to save his cousin in Dubai but also have to find about the mysterious disappearances Anu, and in the process, he unfolds several dark secrets.

The story is everywhere. It just one needs the vision to project it positively that how writer, director, and editor Mahesh Narayanan came up with this smartly crafted tight story which is inspired by a clip he saw of women tracking in the middle east, and he showed it to Fahadh and eventually Fahadh was convinced with the idea. The script is tight and leaves no room for confusion; the ground for this story is the screen which moves from love to dissension to hunt to realizations, and each frame is through either video calls between two people or text chats, which gets strong support from the intelligent crisp editing of Mahesh.

Speaking of his direction, he is one smart director who believes in bringing out the creativity from simplicity; in his direction, he moves objects slowly, lets you captivate with this new idea. The all-seeing lens that emerges exterior the virtual cosmos never snap the illusion that the feature originates of actual incidents unfolding before the audience eyes the way they would do in a traditionally captured thriller. The main cameras only watch and record as various other image-capturing devices incessantly yield and process information, strengthening with the cinematography of Sabin Uralikandy, straightforward sound design of Kunal Rajan’s with Gopi Sundar’s climatic background score. There’s a shot in the film where Anu plays the guitar for Jimmy over a video to make it realistic; you will see Anu with no makeup and normal hair. It shows the amount of detailed worked Mahesh Narayanan has done with his vision.

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

One of the surprising parts of this film’s making is they have shot the entire movie on I-phone in 18 days. It is a substantial work to emote the sentiments just seeing at your phone screen, where the frame of screen essentially is the window, your vulnerabilities as a performer is a small pack of the screen. Three key artists Fahadh Faasil, Darshana Rajendran, and Roshan Mathew, ace their parts. Fahad Fazil, a producer and one of the central characters, is always aggressive and passionate about pushing creative boundaries that have surprised viewers with his boundless talent with this film. In Kevin’s role, he shows restless layers through silence and look. As jimmy is flawless, Roshan Mathew delivers the most challenging scenes with smoothness and acts with his eyes. Darshana Rajendran, who plays Anu, deserves a massive round of applause for her performance. Her character is secretive, which do not get introduced the same way, other protagonists. There are layers to her psyche. As much as fondness her grin holds, it also has seen miseries, and she impresses with her portrayal.

Owing to the atypical tools it leans on into the narrative’s assembling, C U Soon is enthralling layered. This jigsaw bewilders contrived about the girl’s undetermined questions do more than just focus on fitting mixed-up and disintegrating pieces into a genre template and rope together a winsome tale. In the finest traditions of a riveting brain-teaser that relies more on the psychological than on the entirely fleshly, it then leads the way us into what seems conspicuous but isn’t.

C U Soon puts a light on many things like how technology can trouble you and save you, the brutality around the light, and the noise of big cites. It is a well crafted dazzling thriller showcased in a unique manner backed by the cast’s creative makers and phenomenal acting. It’s a must-watch which viewers should not be missing.


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