Sushant Singh Rajput – A True Performer

We all love the world of cinema and the people who are part of it. The magical and complex world of cinema is full of inspiring and struggled stories. One such inspiring journey was of one of the most elegant young performer Sushant Singh Rajput. His death was a shock and tragedy not only for his fans and peers but also for the common too. It gives us an impeccable reality check on life where we are stuck finding happiness in materialism and fame, but maybe life is beyond always that.

There are enough talks around why and how is going on after his death. The tragic and sad part is seeing a few people who are exploiting the situation for their benefits and grudges. Many forget the important part: we have lost a true Performer, a fantastic talent who was excellent and perfect at the craft as an artist. Who has entertained us, made us emotional, made us laugh and also inspired us in many ways personally and professionally. In life, one can speak about failure, and one can talk about glory. Sushant spoke both artistically.

In this article, I have talked about 5 of the stunning characters projected and nailed by the true performer – Sushant. The hard work he did to justify those characters, some of the insights on his skills, process and some of the moments he has shown his depth of his undeniable potential.

5. Raghu (Shuddh Desi Romance – 2013)

Credit: Yash Raj Films

It was the second film of Sushant after successful debut and praised performance for Kai Po Che! He plays the lead role of Raghu, a commitment-phobic guy who falls in love with a similar mentality. Working as a tour in the city of Jaipur, Sushant considered playing Raghu his trickiest performance. Because his method is to become a person he is projecting and playing, Raghu was challenging as he was the opposite of what shusahnt was. Sushant has believed in commitment, and playing commitment-phobic guy was tough for him. In this movie, Sushant has given an satisfying  performance and also showed his excellent dancing skills.

4. Byomkesh Bakshy (Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! – 2015)

Credit: Yash Raj Films

This thriller movie is based on the iconic character of the fictional Bengali detective Byomkesh Bakshi. Set in 1940s Calcutta. Where Sushant plays the lead role Byomkesh Bakshi, he immersed himself completely in the character bringing urgency and restlessness to the role but still keep the originality of the iconic role alive, giving us a memorable experience.

Two scenes out of the movie where you will see excellent acting by Sushant. The entry of Byomkesh Bakshi, where Sushant has made great use of his eyes and silence to make the scene more involving. The second scene is where he finds out the missing person’s truth and explains to him the whole situation with ease and style, which won’t let you take your eyes off him.

It was Sushant fourth film, but he decided to play the character which shows how versatile he was from the starting. He was born in Bihar and bought up in Delhi but portrays a Bengali guy of 1940s to such perfection. He uses to holds the cigarette between two fingers in the ‘V’ victory sign in movie resemble of TV Bymokesh Bakshi.

3. Anni (Chhichhore – 2019)

Credit: Fox Star Studios

This movie came last year (2019) directed by Nitish Tiwari, where Sushant played the role of a younger and older version of Anni. A young side, which is fun-loving enthusiastic engineering student. And older side father of a son who is swinging between alive and dead. Sushant has brought the enormous amount of freshness and energy to the young version of Anni, where you will literally going to fall in love with the character. For older Anni, the actor brings raw emotion and affection, allowing us to feel his helplessness.

Two stand out scenes from this film are when older him breakdown in front of his deathbed kid and a scene where young Anni gives ideas to his wing guys to win college tournament. The kind of fun humor and dialogue delivery he brings will provide you with a high dose of a laugh. He guided co-worker, Tahir Bhasin that he has to play good cricket as Gavaskar, not as Tahir, which helps a start to get in more into his role. This show how genuine and kind towards fellow actor where he didn’t hesitates to share his processes.

2. Lakhna (Sonchiriya – 2019)

Credit: RSVP Movies

Sonchiriya came last year directed by Abhishek chubby movie with the excellent star cast. Sushant plays a vital role in Lakhna. A bandit haunted by guilt and search of solace. Lakhna is often wondering the purpose of a Baaghi (Rebel) and karma of Baaghi. He gets no answers continues looking for one gateway and some redemption. Later he find some hope and meaning in life by rescuing and freeing a little girl named Sonchiriya. Sushant has got into the skin of lakhna, from the look to walk to the way he talks. Through his flawless acting, you can feel the heart, soul, and emotion of a Baaghi. These two scenes from Sonchiriya will make to soak you into his performance.

First, when the gang is in search of a policeman who killed their gang members reaches to his house and where Lakhna and leader man Singh by mistake end up killing children hiding. Once they realize what they have done, the shock in Lakhna’s face shakes not only Lakhna’s heart but the viewers too. Second, he is saving a little girl, and it’s late at night. Lakhna notices that the girl is not able to sleep. He switches himself from being a Baaghi, and shows her a only magic trick he knew with his hands. Where the camera is on Lakhna we realise Lakhna is still haunted by his incident with killing the kids. While during the trick, he still manages to be both playful and haunted.

For his movie, Sushant had learned and delivered flawless Bundelkhandi accent. Many talented artists were part of the film. But Sushant held the audience captive only through the wide-ranging use of restraint in his acting.

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story – 2016)

Credit: Fox Star Studios

It is one of the most stands out performances of Sushant for which he is always going to remember. The movie directed by Neeraj Pandey a biopic of Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Sushant imbibed the essence and evolution of a small-town boy living the larger-than-life role of the Indian cricket team captain. It will be an injustice to say he played Dhoni. Instead, we can say he become Dhoni. The way he talk, the way he walks and the way he plays iconic helicopter short, makes us to believe we are watching a Cricket match and not a movie.

Sushant did not get a long time with ‘Captain cool.’ However, he was still able to resemble it. Once Dhoni said in an interview that my expression would be blank in intense situations. However, for Sushant portraying those moments can be challenging; still, he was able to deliver it so smoothly. He did training for nine months with extended hours in nets and transformed himself from a regular guy to a pro cricketer. As per his trainer and former Cricketer Kiran More, he became a perfect cricketer. It shows how dedicated, serious, and passionate shushant was towards his craft.

Within the ten films across his seven-years of the short journey, he covered a lot of ground: From a district-level cricket player (Kai Po Che!) to the captain cool (M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story); from a commitment-phobic Jaipur tour guide (Shuddh Desi Romance) to a pithoo who guides devotees through the pilgrimage (Kedarnath); from an iconic detective (Detective Byomkesh Bakshi) to a dacoit in search of soul (Sonchiriya); from a small part in (pk) to playing a young engineering student and father (chhichhore).

Sushant was boundless talent; he was one of the most diligent actors of his generation. And that reflects in the perfections and silences of his performances. He believed in hard work and the illimitable opportunities it will bring. His stellar filmography is the result of his dedication. Sushant is no more with us; maybe he is at a better place; one will always be able to feel his essence and presence in his characters.

We should never forget the ‘inevitable’, as we will lose everything eventually. So, why worry over any kind of securities? The idea is to just fly and experience it while it last or just performing living in the present moments.


Arpit Nayak


  1. MS Dhoni movie is masterpiece and has inprised many youngsters not to give on your dreams. Sushant Singh Rajput has left his mark on industry but never revealed his untold story. We will always miss you

    • No doubt on it ms dhoni was excellent movie. Rightly said we will miss him…

  2. This article celebrates his glory something I have not seen around ..good work Mr.Arpit Nayak you have done a fabulous writing..

  3. He wasn’t my favourite actor but now after reading it, i know how serious and dedicated he was for his acting. Excellent article Arpit keep up the good work.

  4. Good to see someone is acknowledging his performance… Well wrote Men..

  5. After reading an artical, i feel that Sushant was not Hero but be was an excellent actor. Thanks a lot for writing an article on Sushant. You have done veey well , go ahead , god bless you

  6. Title is perfect no doubt he was a true Performer .. well written by writer.

  7. Very rightly said… He was a true Performer no doubt on it I have shared this article .. thanks for writing right thing..

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