“My films are therapy for my debilitating depression. In institutions people weave baskets. I make films.” – Woody Allen

Movies often reflect our daily life yet at the same time they broaden our exposure and understanding of life itself. As Allen says, it can be a route of escape from our depressions and ennui in life. It may be one of the most powerful forms of art, capturing us in a momentary world of illusion. This is an online website for all those who love watching movies and want to share their passion with others. We are a bunch of enthusiastic cinephiles trying our best to encourage interactive discussions and analysis of worldwide movies ranging from classics to mainstream regional films.

We try to emphasize on movies that raise questions regarding the meaning or meaninglessness of life. It is also an attempt to enable the readers to visualize the landscape of different countries and understand their lifestyle at the least in the surface through their movies. So in general we speak about movies of any genre, any country and any time frame.

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